Price on application

Location: Training Centre
Amount of Days: 1 day
Dates: Specific dates on enquiry
Minimum people: 8
Maximum people: 30

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On completion of the course students will have covered:

  • How perception influences thinking, behaviour and approach to work situations
  • The Insights color energies and how to spot them in ourselves and others
  • How to manage communication to get the best response
  • How to influence more effectively
  • How to set effective goals and strategies and apply the learning back in the workplace

Your group will be split into teams and given tasks that require cooperation between team members. These events are competitive and they are put under pressure to work together to succeed. The individual is encouraged to discover their strengths while acknowledging and working on their weaknesses. Everyone will come away having recognised their own and their teams achievements. You will also have a more satisfied, confident and united workforce.

On successful completion you will receive you receive your Discovery profile. Insights Discovery Portfolio Stationery - Pens Refreshments

You will be required to complete an online 25 questionnaire. Using Jung’s framework to evaluate your answers in the Preference Evaluator, on the day of your training you will receive your Discovery Profile. This is essentially a report showing you the type of person you are, how you interact with people, in addition to your strengths and weakness and blind spots.

As long as you are reasonably fit and able to carry out some physical activity, the choice of course would be tailored to your requirements. Information can be obtained from Edinburgh Airport Fire Training Centre prior to booking any courses