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Location: Training Centre
Time: Half Day
Dates: Can be arranged to suit
Minimum people: 6
Maximum people: 12

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Theory Session Contains:

  • Chemistry of combustion
  • Triangle of fire
  • Classification of fire
  • Extinguishing media methods of application
  • Types of fires/fire scenarios (Galley, seat, toilet overhead locker )
  • Search procedures when in heat and smoke
  • Introduction to airline specific PPE
  • In flight fire training video
  • Training video for donning PPE

Practical Session Contains:

  • Donning airline specific smoke hood
  • Correct operation of fire fighting media
  • Practical fire scenarios crews demonstrate correct procedures tactics and techniques
  • Practical exercise in smoke filled fuselage crews to demonstrate safe evacuation techniques

On successful completion of the course, candidates will receive a Certificate allowing them to operate for 3 years, after which there is a requirement to attend a revalidation training course. This course is legally compliant and complies with current EU Ops standards.